Business continuity and emergency planning

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) enables the business owner to develop plans for the continuation of a business or service following an unforeseen incident or event that prevents normal everyday operations.  Disruptions to normal business may be due to threats such as environmental factors, power outages, and employee illness.

Personal Emergency Planning

Personal Emergency Planning is enabling individuals to develop plans that ensure safe mechanisms and identification of supports in response to emergency situations.  Personal planning includes listings of emergency numbers, document identification, financial security, personal papers, safe house, and other pertinent information.

Atelier Sageworks collaborates with organizations/businesses and individuals to develop effective plans to enable vital business continuity or personal safety, respectively.

Consultant services for BCP plan development, training materials, testing, report writing, and follow-up support.

Results Attained

1.  A plan to ensure continuity of service or to provide safety mechanisms.

2.  Formation of an integrated BCP model that identifies the business activity, risk assessment, risk mitigation strategies, business impact assessment, contingency plans, training, resources and emergency contacts.

Or Clear direction to ensure personal safety during an emergency situation.

3.  Provide training to individuals.

4.  Emergency scenarios to practice, test, and evaluate the plan.

5.  Consultant report on the BCP project.

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