Personal coaching

Personal coaching informs your knowledge of how you perform, how your performance impacts others, and what aspects of your behaviour can be changed to improve your overall effectiveness within an organisation.  A personal coach can also help you to recognize normative behaviour which is detrimental to achieving goals or to working with teams, and to set personal milestones for personal growth.

Atelier Sageworks provides one-on-one coaching through job shadowing, discussions and observation.  The client provides the main focus for the coach to explore.

Consultant services for individual or group coaching, workshops, team action plans.

Results Attained

1.  Client benefits from one-on-one coaching with respect to the predetermined activities or behaviours.

2.  Client and coach determine effective achievement plan.

3.  Client becomes aware of unconscious behaviours through self-evaluation during daily activities.

4.  Client practices new conscious behaviours in order to effect change and to attain goals.

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