Workplace well-being

Workplace wellbeing is vital for an organization to function in an efficient, healthy and effective manner.  A healthy workplace does not tolerate harassment, discrimination or bullying, all of which lead to high levels of stress and illness.  Operational goals and expectations do not surpass the capabilities of the employees.  Excessive hours and heavy workloads may increase employee burnout.

Atelier Sageworks provides strategies to understand and reduce workplace stress, to improve communication sharing between management and staff, and to transform conflict issues into opportunities for positive change.

Consultant services for group training, employee/management workshops, action plans.

Results Attained

1.  Determine workplace issues that prevent workplace wellbeing and influence employee absenteeism and presenteeism.

2.  Enable discussions on effects of stress on individual health and discover ways to alleviate or work through stressful situations.

3.  Provide an action plan to enable employees and management to work through conflict issues.

4.  Provide employees with opportunity to effect change that enhances workplace well-being.


Web Resources:

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